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Institusi Latihan Jabatan Tenaga Manusia

Deadline 29/08/08

Application for Institusi Latihan Jabatan Tenaga Manusia (ILJTM) is open now for September intake. There are all together 26 institutes under ILJTM. Every state in Malaysia has minimum one centre. Most of us heard about ILP Arumugam Pillai in Nibong Tebal. ILP Arumugam Pillai is just one of the institutes under ILJTM. Please choose the courses you like and then choose
the correct ILJTM for you. For SPM leaver who did not get places in any other institutes, it is best to apply to ILP, anyone above 17 years old can apply. Act ASAP, as early bird catches the worm!

Benefits in ILP (Institut Latihan Perindustrian)
a. No course fee (Totally free)
b. Hostel Provided (Nothing to pay)
c. Food Provided (Nothing to pay)
d. Monthly allowance RM100.00
e. Awarded with MLVK Certificate (SKM Level 1,2 and 3) + Sijil Kemahiran

For more information on courses and online application -
http://www.jtm. gov.my/UPLSept08 /index.jsp

Some of Indian staff in ILJTM for more info:

ILP Kepala Batas : M.Ganesan / Mr. Saravanakumar ( (04-5776100)
ILP Arumugam Pillai : Mr. Palani Saravanan (04-5956000)
JMTI: Pn. Meena (04-5087800)
ADTEC Batu Pahat: Mr. Kanthan (07-4287722)
ILP Mersing: Mr. Suresh Kumar (07-7921700)

Thanks to : http://novinthen.com/ of PUTERA MIC

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